We are looking for some motivated students who are looking for an opportunity to use their Chinese and help other students.  If that sounds like something that would interest your child we have a place for them here.  During our two summer camp sessions we are looking for some students to come and help out.  They would help play games, run experiments, read books, etc...  

We will provide:

An in depth training on how to work with youth before the camp.  How to nurture a desire to learn Chinese and how to engage and excite young learners.  1 weekof onsite training, watching lessons and activities being run along with being able to run games and activities. 

Our requirements: 

Sixth grade or above in Chinese, a passion for Chinese and a willingness to work.  We have found that with these basic things anyone can become a good teacher and mentor.

Mutually Beneficial:

Through this program we are able to bring in students who are looking to expand their vocabulary and place themselves in a new difficult situation where they will have to stretch what they know.  They will grow in confidence and be able to help others.  It will also allow us to have a greater teacher to student ratio.  Helping those kids who need extra motivation and support more individualized attention.