Chinese is fun!!!!...and Hard....and FUN!!!!

Internship Opportunities

Do you have an older Child that speaks Chinese well and would like to be a counselor?  We are currently looking for a couple of students who would want to help out at the camp as a mentor and counselor.  If accepted, your child would have 1 week of tuition free camp where they can practice Chinese and learn how to mentor younger kids.  

Please contact with any and all questions or go to the mentor page to apply

Our Options

      The last four summers we we have held summer camps which was a blast for both us and the kids.  We will be holding another summer camp this summer the third week of July.

Our Teaching Philosophy

At Lotus Academy we strive to provide a low stress environment for children to come in and learn and enjoy Chinese. Through thematic units based on real life situations we provide them with language skills that are extremely applicable. Your children will come in and rotate through a series of activities from singing time, to story time, to games, cooking/following directions, and many others.  All subjects will be taught 100% in the target language.  

Come say 你好!

Learning languages expands your opportunities to interact around the world.  It allows you to view life from another perspective and grow to love other cultures, peoples, and places. 

We invite you to come visit our facility,meet the teachers and learn more about our philosophy for preparing your child for success.